Case Study

Onsite Systems have been proudly providing OnsiteClock to a major rail engineering firm who adopted the technology over 12 months ago. Since using the software, the company has been very impressed with its reliability and ease of use. It has been rolled out to all site workers and the benefits in processing time have been clear; with over 150 workers on multiple sites, the previous paper-based timesheet system caused many hours of processing every week. Workers would need to be identified and then processed in accordance with their particular working hours structure, often dictated by staffing agencies. The calculated hours would need to be communicated with the staffing agencies on a regular basis and there were common examples of mistakes taking place. With OnsiteClock, this company have streamlined their management processes, reduced overall costs and the benefits were also experienced by the staffing agencies in receiving 100% accurate timesheets, in a matter of seconds rather than days.